The Power of Thought

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The Power of Thought

Who we are today and the reality we have created are a result of our thoughts – our thoughts about what is possible and what’s not.

Look around you. Perhaps you see a chair. This chair is real and exists in time and space. Yet before it came into being, it first existed as a thought. In fact, everything in the room existed as a thought at some point in someone’s mind.

It is said that a person has over 60,000 thoughts every day. That’s over forty thoughts a minute! Yet, of the 60,000 thoughts we have today, ninety percent of these are the same as the 60,000 we had yesterday and the day before, leaving little room for new thoughts. No wonder life can seem tedious at times. Unless we start to think differently, we are destined to continue to create and repeat the same old reality every day. Is it not time to change our thoughts, live our dreams and let reality catch up?

Most of our thoughts and actions are habits, and we go through the same motions each day, with little change in our behaviors or outlook. What would happen if we challenged these habits or customs? If we were to step out of our comfort zone and explore new ideas or new ways of doing things? Would our life not change as a result?

Often our thoughts are about not measuring up, being incapable or inadequate, avoiding failure or beating ourselves up because we did not say or do the right thing. Just as thought preceded the creation of the chair, our thoughts precede the reality that we create for our self.

The future lies ahead of us, determined by our current thoughts. These are the only thoughts over which we have any control. What thoughts will we choose for our self that will be the cause of a different future for us?

Thought is a form of energy. Does this energy propel us forward or hold us back? We have a choice about the thoughts we think. How many times in the past have we chosen to disregard our positive thoughts and focus on our negative thoughts? At this moment, if we were to be at cause and focus on our positive thoughts while discounting our negative thoughts, how would our life change?

“You become what you think about.”
– Earl Nightingale

To realize our dreams, lets pay attention to what is happening around us.Let’s  be curious. Let’s notice how our thoughts about our self, our thoughts about others and our thoughts about what others may be thinking of us may influence what we are able to achieve.  Let’s start to think, see and experience things, people, places and events in new ways. Let’s recognize what happens when we begin to think differently about our self and what we are capable of achieving! =)

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